BLIP maintains a scalable international server infrastructure to support and maintain clients' installations. Comprehensive remote diagnostics, fault tolerance and maintenance are key components of this network, which uses continuous security updates to enable low-cost, internet-based connections to be used effectively. Sophisticated automatic escalation of events at remote locations enables large numbers of installations to be managed at low operating costs. BLIP provides international maintenance services using both its own and third-party personnel working with the company's dedicated support centres, enabling very high reliability to be achieved even for widely distributed displays.

BLIP's marketing information system servers use the same secure network infrastructure to gather detailed statistics from retail sites - producing both live same-day data as well as archiving historical trends for valuable marketing information. Clients can receive graphic data visualisations and presentations tailored to specific requirements on private websites or they can download raw data in a variety of formats for analysis in-house.

Media management - customising movies and marketing messages per installation, by country or globally - can be undertaken directly by BLIP or made accessible to clients or their agencies using secure web-based interfaces. It's even possible for clients to design and implement their own interfaces using BLIP's Display Manager API.