The proliferation of data on-set - and in particular, the significant increase in file sizes produced by the latest cameras - is causing reliability and security concerns about digital asset management. BoxSpring is a new computer architecture designed specifically for on-set and close-to-location use in film and TV production, which addresses these issues directly - providing new future-proof solutions for asset traceability and security.


• maximum speed data aggregation from camera media - direct connection to mulitiple camera card adaptors - asynchronous, concurrent transfer

• fault-tolerant disk array; diagnostics hardware and software - very high reliability and security

• faster than realtime, simultaneous copying to multiple external format arrays - such as intelligent disk array (IDA) - plug-in to multi-platform workstations

• portable, camera battery-operated unit with 19-inch rack-mount option

• optional OTP secure key authentication of user, comprehensive logging and traceability, GPS, GPRS and IRIDIUM communications

• optional StorNext SAN,10 Gb Ethernet

• web-based interface software included - Android/iPad, phone, laptop: WiFi or Cat5

• combines computer, fast disk array, UPS and SAN in one package


Typical Small On-Set Configuration

boxspring XFER/2 x IDAs boxspring XFER/2 x IDAs boxspring XFER